Sunday, February 27, 2011

Red Carpet Cupcakes

So I had an Oscar viewing party to attend* tonight.  I had been looking for an excuse to make these red velvet cheesecakes, and obviously am the first person ever to come up with the red velvet/red carpet idea.  I also had all of the ingredients on hand except the cream cheese, so that helped.

I made a few small changes - the recipe calls for 20 oz of cream cheese, and I used 8 oz regular, 8 oz reduced fat, and 4 oz of fat free cream cheese.  They turned out well, but I am never buying fat free cream cheese again.  30 calories per serving vs 100 calories for regular, but there is some weird stuff in there.

The recipe is also supposed to make 16 servings, but I, like I think most people, have a 12 cup muffin pan and it was going to be super inconvenient to make a second set when you're supposed to let the cheesecakes cool for an hour in the pan, so I just forced my batter to fit into 12 cups, and they turned out fine.  They were puffed a bit above the tins when they first came out of the oven, but once cooled they sank back to a reasonable size.

I also threw chocolate chips into a few of the mini cheesecakes.  Not necessary, but yum.

Full recipe over at Betty Crocker, but you can watch them come together here.
 Ingredients assembled!
 Butter for the crusts.
Cookies for the crusts, about to be crushed.
 Three kinds of cream cheese, softening.

 Crusts waiting for cheesecake.
 Cream cheese, mixed.
 Now with cocoa and sugar.

Assembled and about to be baked.
Fully baked and awaiting consumption.

Also, you'll notice that my cheesecakes turned out to be more of a mauve velvet than a red velvet due to the lack of large size things of red food coloring at the grocery store.

These went over well at the party...thought not as well as the Cheez-Its I brought.  Huh.

*that I goaded a friend into hosting due to my own lack of cable combined with a desire to dress up and make food to feed to other people.

Welcome to Baked Goods and Revenge!

Welcome to my blog, which I swear has been created by popular demand* and not raging narcissism. 

Watch as I try to create a small degree of internet notoriety based on my compulsive need to overfeed friends and coworkers. 

*Popular demand = 2 comments from friends/coworkers:
"Your gchat statuses are so funny! You should start a blog!"
"You should really start a baking blog."
This counts as "popular" because I have approximately 3 friends, so if 66% of them want me to start a blog, I feel I should do so.