Saturday, August 6, 2011

Flourless chocolate cake

Disclaimer:  This cake tasted way better than it looks!  The office sugar addicts ranked it among the best things I've ever brought in.  It's just that I'm not a 5 star restaurant so I don't do all the fancy things with powdered sugar and whipped cream and strawberries to make this incredibly simple dessert seem really fancy.
Seriously, there is no reason to ever order this in a restaurant.  The recipe has like 5 ingredients, isn't challenging, and doesn't take that long.  And then for $7 you have an entire cake, not some tiny slice.  Win!

Chocolate Cobbler

You know how sometimes you're perusing a baking blog and you see a recipe and you're just like, I must make that, immediately, if not ten minutes ago.  Even if you weren't really in a baking mood, something about the recipe just screams at you that it must be made.  This was one of those recipes.  Check it out, her pictures are way nicer than mine.

This was delicious, though it would have been better probably with just vanilla ice cream, I only had mint chip so I went with that.  Also, gross fact, the dish from this is still sitting in my office because I went out of town the day after I brought this in to work, so when I got back, the remains had already petrified and I didn't really see a point in bringing it home.  I. Am.  Disgusting.

Double chocolate muffins

Sometimes it's like a boring Wednesday night and you're not excited about your boring Thursday morning meeting, so you bake something to liven it up.  Sometimes it is these muffins.  They were easy, they were fast, they were healthy-ish due to the use of applesauce instead of some of the eggs/oil.  

They were delicious, though they went over mediocrely in the meeting as apparently people get less excited about free food after college.  Sigh.