Friday, April 1, 2011

Banana chocolate chip muffins

I hate the word moist.  It just sounds gross.  Moist.  Moist.  Moist.  Yuck.  Unfortunately it's a word that describes all of the vegan baked goods I've made thus far.  I guess it's not that unfortunate, as moistness is usually considered a good thing.
Anyway.  Banana chocolate chip muffins.
Fork - 3 out of 5 for banana mashing effectiveness.

Raw sugar.

I used half whole wheat and half regular flour.

I only made half the recipe, and it came out to be more like 7 muffins rather than the 6 it should have been.

Overall, these turned out well.  I'd say eat them quicker as opposed to slower, as they get super gooey being stored in tupperware, to the point of seeming almost too mushy, like an overripe banana.  Still, tasty, and didn't taste 'vegan'.

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