Monday, January 16, 2012

Dessert turducken, redux

We have to talk about these.  But first, we should talk about my newfound Oreo addiction.

It's weird.  Back when I realized I was no longer 11 and could no longer stuff my face with whatever I wanted and remain not a part of America's obesity problem, I stopped eating a lot of things that I deemed 'not worth the calories.'  Non-homemade cookies were one of them, and this of course included the classic Oreo. I'm not sure whether it's years of deprivation or what, but now, whenever I have Oreos that I've bought for some sort of baking project, I cannot get enough of them.  They are just so good.  (The same thing has also occurred with pretzels, but that's a story for another recipe.)

And so then we have these, which are a magical chocolate chip cookie-Oreo-brownie combination.  Feast your eyes.  

Note that the gooey-ness is not due to underbaking, but the presence of actual hot fudge in the batter.

The one thing that prevented these from being truly great was my mistaken use of boxed brownie mix.  I was like 'oh, I'll be good and follow the recipe.'  Don't do this, unless you're someone who actually likes box brownie mix, which I am not.  There is something about the taste and texture that just seems off to me, and the awesomeness of the rest of this recipe was enough to offset that, but these could have been so much better.  I guess I'm not sure if my typical underbaked, from scratch recipe would work here, but it is a project I am willing to undertake in the future.

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  1. try these..they're all homemade and awesome!!