Sunday, January 22, 2012

Spinach brownies

So I've had well documented issues with 'healthified' brownies in the past.  These are better than some I've made in the past, but in truth, the best 'healthy' brownie I've had is the kind where you mix a cup of canned pumpkin with a box of brownie mix and bake.  As a bonus, those are vegan if you use the right mix (if you consider veganism a bonus, which many people don't).

So anyway, these had neither black bean nor pumpkin, but spinach.  I've been eating a lot of decadent dessert of late, so I thought I'd change it up for something with redeeming nutritional value, plus I had a bag of spinach I needed to use up.  I went with this recipe instead of this one I'd been eyeing on Fit Sugar, due to its use of actual eggs.

I did make a few substitutions - I didn't have carrots so I just used spinach (and FYI, a 6 oz bag works out to about the required amount), I used whole eggs instead of just the whites because it seemed like a waste, and I did 1 tsp vanilla extract and 1 tsp almond extract.  Also, I think I only baked them for 30ish minutes and they turned out fine.

Taste verdict?  They're okay.  Nothing without butter is going to really cut it for the decadence a brownie should have, but if you're looking for something chocolate-ish that's only 100-something calories a pop, you could do worse than these.

Will report back once I've attempted to feed these to coworkers.

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