Saturday, March 19, 2011

Vegan baking, take 2

So after subjecting myself to watching others eat brownies while I could not, I went in search of a vegan brownie recipe.  I found this recipe, and it used ingredients I already had on hand, so I figured, why not?
Looks good, no?
In actuality?  Meh.  I give these points for texture as they do in that way resemble a decent brownie.  They do not, however, taste like a decent brownie.  I can barely taste the chocolate.  I should have been scared as they use banana, which I always find to be an overwhelming ingredient, flavor-wise, in brownies, and these are no exception.  Anytime I've tried to substitute banana for egg in brownie recipes, the result has been disaster.  
Given the easy/cheapness of this recipe, and the fact that it's actually pretty freaking good for you (bananas? black beans? practically no fat, which is probably why these tasted kind of terrible?) I will give these another shot.  I'd definitely add more cocoa powder, maybe some chocolate chips/melted chocolate.  And in the meantime, my brownie craving will remain unsated.  

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