Saturday, March 5, 2011


Everyone knows Cheez Its have crack in them.  It's why they're so delicious.  So I figured if crack was delicious in cheezits, it must be delicious in other food.  So when I stumbled across a recipe for crack, I felt compelled to make it.  Plus I had a huge box of Saltines laying around and this seemed a good way to use them.
It was not a good way to use them.  It was a GREAT way to use them.  One of the guys in the office is still stopping by hoping to find more, even though the stuff was gone by lunchtime the on Monday.
The other great thing about this recipe?  SO EASY.  Put saltines on a baking sheet, dump caramel on top, bake, throw chocolate chips on, done.  Also caramel scares me because I have an extreme tendency to burn it (the scorched pans in my kitchen will testify to this), but this particular caramel is super easy and so far impossible to screw up.
Caramel.  Not being burnt.  Goes much better when it's butter + brown sugar, not this whole sugar and water business.  Also more delicious.  Somewhat less good for you.

I'm not entirely sure why the caramel has to be baked onto the crackers but I won't question it.

Chocolate chips, melting away.

YUM.  Waiting to be devoured.

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