Sunday, March 6, 2011

Crack, take 2

There is a land called Passive Aggressiva, and I am their queen.  Actually, based on some other people I know, I am at best the princess of Passive Aggressiva, but I digress.  I've been having some issues at home lately, so rather than trying to work them out like an adult, I instead chose to make the loudest recipe possible.  I decided to make crack again.  And you're thinking, how is laying out Saltines and caramel loud?  It's not.  This is true.  You know what is loud?  Grinding pretzels in the food processor because you've decided to do a pretzel crust instead of saltines as the base.  And then when that doesn't work, crushing them using a tin can, because you don't have a rolling pin, because after a year and a half of being broken up your ex suddenly decided he wanted his rolling pin back, and you didn't call him out on that being BS, and instead just bitched about it in your blog. (See?  I will rule Passive Aggressiva some day.)
And so now you're like, okay, they sound annoying, but how did it all taste?  Jury's still out on that - the crust didn't come out like I wanted due to my inability to properly crush pretzels; I accidentally forgot half the butter in the caramel so it still tasted great but didn't quite cover the entire crust, resulting in me having to mix the caramel and pretzels into one layer, and then I threw more chocolate chips on top than I probably should have because they were needed to hold the whole thing together.  I still have high hopes for the pretzels as a saltine substitute, I just need to work out the details.
My inadequately crushed pretzels.  I need to buy a new rolling pin.

My inadequate food processor.

The "crust".  In theory I like the idea of the pretzel chunks, but it makes the whole thing not stay together very well.

Baking the crust/caramel mixture.

I did half just chocolate chips, half chocolate and peanut butter chips.

The chips don't spread as easily on the uneven crust.

Chocolate peanut butter pretzel crack.

Chocolate pretzel crack.

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